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Automatic Barrier Gate

A swing gate has always been an element that is able to add value to the charm of the home. Through the installation of a V2 motor, you can add to the beauty of this type of gate the convenience of a safe and efficient automatic opening system. Make the most of your world .

Your desire of protection is safe with us.
Because V2 offers a full range of useful suggestions to complete a perfect security system, designed for any environment, public or private: photocells, proximity system and every type of accessories. In addition, the professional advice by V2, to find a customized solution. Protect what you care about most.

Automatic Bollard
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screen shutter

Rolling Shutter Door 5

Antiterrorism bollards tested and certified (crash-tested) by an independent body according to standards  IWA14-1:2013 V/7200[N3C]/80/90 and PAS 68:2010 7500/50/N2 crash simulated (formerly K12 and K4, single bollard).
Anti-terrorist protection guaranteed even with single bollard.
Independent side hydraulic pump for each bollard: in case of a control unit failure the other bollards remain functional, whereas maintenance operations are facilitated.

automatic sliding gate

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Rolling Shutter motor

Automatic Sliding Gate 5
Screen Shutter 5

People change, safety remains.
Thanks to the V2 motors for gate barriers you can control the transit in points of passage or entry and exit from public and private parking areas, even in the case of frequent movements during the day. In fact the V2 motors are specially designed to withstand even an intensive use. You can rely on it.

Automatic Swing Gate Motor 9

Automatic gate system solutions

    for Automatic gate Openers

Automatic Swing Gate

Automatic rising bollards

The safety and convenience of being able to directly access your garage without having to get down from the car, the convenience of automatically operating a gate, without having to make any effort .

Complete range of latest generation tubular systems. Maximum control of the motor, to adjust the lifting and lowering of rolling shutters, awnings and mosquito nets, with precision and safety. garage doors automatic gate system garage door opener

The sliding gate is the perfect solution to optimize space, where there is not enough space for the opening of the swing doors. The V2 automation systems are customized according to the weight and size of the gate, so as to withstand any weather condition over time.

Automatic  Gate Accessories

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